Monday, October 26, 2009

Pooh Sticks Walk - Sunday 25 October

A sunny Sunday morning saw me meeting a new Meridian Mutt 'Tibor' at Pooh Car Park/500 acre wood.

Tibor and I hit it off immediately and were soon exploring the forest together with our staff trailing behind. Conditions, to say the least, were a bit muddy in places, as expected.

This is me and Tibor enjoying the view half round the walk. We walked through 500 acre wood, through Hartfield Village and back across Pooh Sticks Bridge.

Here we are on the bridge with our staff.
Tibor is a lovely boy, but did not appreciate me exploring on my own (bit bossy) and told me off when I came back.
We finished the 7 mile walk off with gravy biscuits and the staff had a cream tea and walnut & coffee cake at Duddeswell Tea Rooms.
Hope to see you all on the next walk.
Poppy B XX


  1. Great blog Sheila and Ernie - thanks for doing that! Catch up again soon. xx

  2. Sorry we couldn't make it but our slave's nose was dripping & she was coughing & spluttering everywhere. We were sooo looking forward to meeting Tibor Just can't get the staff these days!

    Poppy M & Maisy

  3. The Orange Dog needs his mutt-mug shot on the rogues gallery on the right-hand panel ....c'mon Blog Admin , get him up there!